Just so you guys know I didn’t off myself, my internet is just dead

why do i fuckin’ bother drinking

alcohol tastes like shit and I hate the feeling it gives me

Don’t test me right now I swear to fuck I’ll rip your testicles out and make a goddamn coin purse out of them

I’m in one of those “there’s no point in doing anything ever again” kind of moods

Wow if I didn’t stumble on lyrics so much I could sing Cowboys From Hell perfectly 

It’s amazing how much playing acoustic can make playing electric seem so much easier

I’ve had my acoustic for like what, 6 days, and I already feel like I play better.

hey guys follow Annie she only has like 3 followers http://slatehyena.tumblr.com/

If I offend you, well then you need to work on not being offended because, I don’t care

Really why are some scene kids actually famous?

Pick a better fake name and fucking get over invader zim already you overgrown 13 year old.