i gotta do the dishes and stuff and well i’d rather sleep

metal-and-ale said: 69 Eyes man…. that takes me back to when i was 14

I feel like this would have been elvis if he ever went through a goth phase 

I’ve never listened to them before and I’m surprised that I haven’t

my guitar teacher told me to listen to the 69 eyes because he’s gonna make me learn a song of theirs and I was like “ok”

…some people are like stars, they’re always there but sometimes you just don’t see them,

and then others are like a tornado, they come and tear up your life and then they leave,

and even though they were there for what seems to be only a little while, they impacted you so highly that you cannot seem to forget about them and they change you for life

and though disastrous, they are so beautiful 

then again, I don’t think I can handle anymore tornadoes for a while.

I don’t wanna hide, it’s foolish pride

I used to honestly really dislike (okay for real I hated her) Taylor Swift but her new song and video is really upbeat and cute and I think I finally don’t dislike her anymore.